While Pennsylvania’s history is rooted in fossil fuels, its present and future should seize upon its potential as an advanced energy leader. By embracing clean energy and electrified transportation, Pennsylvania can vault to the front of the pack in leading our energy transition. Getting there will require new approaches, increased public and private investment in infrastructure and a new strategy to scale clean solutions in all parts of the state. This new approach, combined with new political leadership in Harrisburg and the historic federal funding flowing into the state, should mean new opportunities for advanced energy in Pennsylvania. Advanced Energy United is working with policymakers, advocates and industry leaders to ensure the state seizes this moment.


  • Accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in Pennsylvania by removing barriers to the growth of wind and solar power.
  • Delivering American made energy to Pennsylvania's families by strengthening our transmission system and energy efficiency programs to make our electricity grid more resilient.
  • Making electric transportation a reality in all communities by using federal infrastructure funding to greatly expand charging infrastructure.