About Us

Advanced Energy United educates, engages, and advocates for policies that allow our member companies to compete to power our economy with 100% clean energy. We work with decision makers at every level of government as well as regulators of energy markets to achieve this goal. The businesses we represent are lowering consumer costs, creating thousands of new jobs every year, and providing the full range of clean, efficient, and reliable energy and transportation solutions. The U.S. market for advanced energy products and services reached nearly $375 billion in 2022. Together, we are united in our mission to accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy in the United States

Why Join Us

Advanced Energy United is the only industry association in the U.S. that represents the full range of advanced energy technologies and services, both grid-scale and distributed. Our unique systems approach offers policymakers a path to meeting ambitious policy goals such as 100% clean power and transportation electrification. Advanced Energy United member companies participate in an annual survey and “options investing” exercise to concentrate our resources on the best opportunities to expand markets and increase equity value for businesses in our industry. With focus as our unfair competitive advantage, Advanced Energy United aims to win.