Electrifying the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico is a leader in the southwest when it comes to diversification of the state’s energy economy. In recent years, state leaders have been on the forefront of passing impactful policies to accelerate the transition to reliable, clean, affordable energy. New Mexico:

  • Is the first state in the Southwest with an established state agency focused on building clean energy and transmission projects, the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority
  • Passed the Energy Transition Act (SB 489) in 2019, which sets a renewable energy standard of 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2040 and a 100% zero-carbon resource standard for investor-owned utilities by 2045 and rural cooperatives by 2050.
  • Adopted the Clean Car Rule to set low-emission and zero-emission standards for new cars and trucks offered for sale in New Mexico, accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles in the state.
With state leadership committed to supporting the transition to a cleaner, more diverse economy, the future is bright in New Mexico!


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  • Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth

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  • Accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in New Mexico by expediting permitting, siting, and interconnection processes to hasten the build out of additional clean energy resources and by providing support for transitioning rural, tribal, and coal impacted communities seeking to diversify their economies away from fossil fuels.
  • Delivering American made energy to New Mexico's families by supporting utility and customer-owned investments in distributed energy resources (DERs) that can help control how electricity is drawn from the grid plus generate, store, and distribute energy.
  • Making electric transportation a reality in all communities by encouraging state agencies to maximize federal funding to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing information and encouragement for school districts to pursue electric school buses and electric micro-transit solutions in their districts, and support the implementation of the Clean Car Rule.