New Jersey has some of the nation’s strongest climate and clean energy policies on the books, and the state’s location means it has outsized importance within regional advanced energy issues like transmission and offshore wind development. Thankfully, elected officials in the state have made clear their commitment to clean energy, and leaders from within the clean energy sector have helped get the state to where it is today. Now, Advanced Energy United is working with many of those elected officials and industry leaders to help ensure New Jersey follows through on its advanced energy goals, especially with regard to reducing peak energy demand and developing the transmission network necessary to support offshore wind development off New Jersey’s coasts. 


  • Accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in New Jersey by removing barriers to the growth of wind and solar power.
  • Delivering American made energy to New Jersey's families by strengthening our transmission system and energy efficiency programs to make our electricity grid more resilient.
  • Making electric transportation a reality in all communities by using federal infrastructure funding to greatly expand charging infrastructure.