California remains the clean energy beacon for the rest of the country as it moves to electrify the state and economy. As one of the original 100% clean power states in the West, California is home to over half a million advanced energy workers. Electrifying the power and transportation systems will require new approaches, increased public and private investments in infrastructure and a robust strategy to scale technology in all parts of the state. In recent years, California has doubled-down on this commitment by:  

  • Passing a $54 billion climate budget which includes investment in clean energy and zero-emission vehicle technology and infrastructure.
  • Adopting the Advanced Clean Cars II rules and focusing incentive dollars on the transition to electric trucks and buses.
  • Taking regulatory and state action to reduce reliance on natural gas in our buildings.  
With continued commitment from our state leaders, California can further cement its leadership position and serve as a model for the rest of nation on how to transition to a 100% clean grid while keeping the lights on.


  • Accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in California by building and updating our energy infrastructure, planning for a future without gas and working with the region to build a RTO of the future in the West.
  • Delivering American made energy to California's families by Expanding supply chain development, manufacturing and powering households with a mix of resources including local, distributed clean energy and onshore and offshore renewables.
  • Making electric transportation a reality in all communities by expanding zero-emission vehicle programs to meet the needs of the community and focusing public dollars on electrifying medium and heavy duty vehicles and charging infrastructure statewide.