Clean Energy Powers Colorado

When public dollars are invested in the clean energy economy in Colorado, the state sees a six-fold return on investment. Over 65,000 workers power Colorado’s resilient clean energy economy. That's why protecting Colorado’s legacy of forward-looking policy leadership, economic competitiveness, and environmental stewardship is critical to keeping Colorado an attractive place to work, invest, and innovate.    

Colorado is leading the way in the West in building a secure, reliable clean energy system by:  

  • Creating an independent transmission authority: In 2021, Advanced Energy United spearheaded a bipartisan to pass legislation creating an independent statewide transmission authority and requiring utilities to join a Regional Transmission Organization by 2030. In subsequent regulatory proceedings, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission made a formal determination that the state’s participation in a regional market is in the public interest. 
  • Accelerating Electric Vehicle Deployment: Advanced Energy United successfully advocated for the passage of an omnibus transportation funding bill securing a total investment of over $730 million to accelerate Colorado’s zero-emission vehicle market over the next decade. This bill has led to the creation of the Clean Fleet Enterprise Fund, Community Access Enterprise Fund, and Clean Transit Enterprise Fund that will provide stable long-term investments in zero-emission vehicle adoption, accessibility, and infrastructure expansion. 
  • Planning for a Distributed Energy Future: Colorado has committed to comprehensive distribution system planning to improve transparency around utility distribution system investments and unlock new opportunities for distributed energy resource growth best suited to grid modernization and evolving.
With continued leadership from state leaders, Colorado can further cement its leadership position among western states in the transition to 100% advanced energy.


  • Accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in Colorado by accelerating the deployment of clean energy, including distributed energy resources, to provide affordable clean energy around the clock.
  • Delivering American made energy to Colorado's families by modernizing transmission infrastructure and coordinating clean energy supply and demand with neighboring states through a regionally-interconnected electric grid.
  • Making electric transportation a reality in all communities by ensuring that infrastructure availability keeps pace with growing consumer demand for electric vehicles and maintaining stable long-term funding and incentives-based offerings for electrifying fleets.