The Advanced Energy Buyers Group (AEBG) represents the perspective of large energy users on key advanced energy policy issues and works to ensure that these important and influential stakeholders have a voice in policy discussions. Large buyers have spurred deployment of many gigawatts of new renewable and advanced energy projects, with the vast majority of this activity occurring in organized wholesale markets where companies have more purchasing options and greater price transparency. Maintaining and improving opportunities for corporate buyers to pursue a range of advanced energy technologies through wholesale markets is a key opportunity to grow advanced energy deployment—but the policymakers and regulators that oversee these markets often fail to understand or even consider the perspective of large buyers. At the state level, buyers also encounter regulatory barriers and misperceptions that prevent them from meeting their clean energy goals. The good news is that large buyers are generally listened to when they do speak up and engage. Advanced Energy United, through AEBG, elevates the voice of buyers with policymakers and regulators and directly engages in select, high-impact proceedings and legislative efforts, with a focus on building momentum for the expansion of organized wholesale markets, expanding buyer access to cost-effective advanced energy resources, and identifying market rules or market designs that create barriers to the ability of large buyers of advanced energy to achieve their goals.