Core Values

Advanced Energy United (“United”) is committed to creating a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and fairness through the actions of all our staff. In transforming public policy to enable the rapid growth of advanced energy businesses, United works to ensure that diverse voices are heard and incorporated into discussions to advance equitable and just policy solutions. In our work, we exemplify the following qualities and values, which guide how we work together and how we show up in the world:

  1. Commitment to mission: At our core, we are focused on achieving 100% clean energy in America. Everyone across the organization has a role to play in helping us achieve this mission. Show up with commitment to our mission and be guided by it in your daily actions.
  2. High integrity and ethics: United holds itself to the highest of standards, as these are essential in building trusted relationships and representing our membership. We require integrity, respect, responsibility, and fairness from all at United. All actions and decisions you make should be publishable on the front page of a newspaper.
  3. Political awareness: Everything is political. Be inquisitive about the issues and players impacting the energy transition and understand the role and impact of special interests. Think politically: understand and adapt to political realities and commit to addressing root causes of the issues standing in the way of achieving 100% clean.
  4. Growth mindset: Try new things, take risks, and sometimes fail, but always learn and grow. Give, hear, and implement constructive feedback to improve outcomes, grow new skills, and apply lessons for greater successes ahead. This mindset is necessary to achieve transformational change.
  5. Resolve to solve: Show up with an open mind ready to develop and identify solutions with your team and across United, members, and partners. When you see a problem, lead internal and external conversations with an eye towards finding workable solutions. Contribute positively to external coalitions, always bringing a solutions-oriented approach.
  6. Entrepreneurial drive: Chart a new path that creates value for United and our industry and takes us closer to achieving our mission. Do not settle for the status quo. Identify and create new opportunities for United and our industry; be adept at shaping and selling those opportunities.
  7. Intellectual curiosity: The environment we work in is complex and dynamic, and intellectual curiosity is critical to our collective success. Admit what you don’t know, explore how things work, and seek to understand underlying reasons behind people’s actions. Come to United with a sense of wonder, ask questions and search for answers, and make connections across people, programs, and issues.
  8. Take the work seriously, not ourselves: Our mission to achieve 100% clean energy is ambitious and requires determination, focus, and perseverance. However, we want you to show up authentically and feel a sense of belonging and joy at United. Enjoy yourself, build lasting relationships, see the humor in the fight, and make space for play and camaraderie.
  9. Flexibility and nimbleness: Go to where the fight is and continually look around the corner. In a dynamic industry and landscape, our success is dependent on our ability to be flexible in our approach. Listen to a wide range of opinions and build consensus, even when it goes against your preconceived notions. Be able to change gears at a moment’s notice as the need arises.
  10. Teamwork: Have each other's backs. Stay true to yourself but recognize that you are part of a larger whole. You represent United and the clean energy industry. Do the right thing on behalf of the team and our members. Value the expertise and contributions of each of your colleagues. Work to establish strong lines of communication across United to cultivate new thinking, ideas, and opportunities for collaboration. Seek out opportunities to learn from each other.